Wednesday, 6 May 2009

How to Get Ahead

Or a head, even...

Yes, I am aware that was totally lame :)

So, I wasn't at all happy with the photography I did of my little hats. I didn't like the background, as it just gets in the way and, whilst I like my little glass hatstand/candlestick, I think the hats really need to be seen in context. Next stop, mannequin purchase...

Turns out it's quite difficult to find a non-hideous mannequin head, especially when one has very little cash. What I really want is somthing like this here picture I found:

But various searches on the interwebs mainly turned up all sorts of gurning polystyrene atrocities. Eventually I turned to Ebay and found this lovely lady for very cheap.

I put in my bid, and won her for the bargain price of £12.07. Woohoo! Now admittedly she's kinda funny looking (but I wouldn't say that to her face, cos she has these mad, scary eyes) but I figured with a bit of resculpting to the headshape and some paint, she might not look too bad.

Did I mention that mannequins really scare me? Well, they do. And waxworks. I did a project at college once that involved me having to shape a metal armpiece over a mannequin arm. I rescued a random disembodied arm from a Chatham department store, but discovered I couldn't sleep until I'd locked it outside of my bedroom. Creepy.

Anyway, so far I've been able to share my house with the head. For some reason it's less creepy than the arm I guess. Or I've just got a bit less mental as I've got older...

So, I've done some sculpting work to the head shape, jawline and hairline using trusty old Milliput:

And than sanded it all back smooth, thus covering my entire living room in a fine layer of white dust (which I have since learned is hideously toxic. Eep!).

Next step will be spraying a coat of primer on it, followed by painting on the hair and make up. Possibly with acrylic. Not sure yet.

It may end up looking totally rubbish, as I've not picked up a paintbrush for a while, but I'll give it a go...

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