Monday, 26 August 2013

Custom Wedding Rings for Emerald Cut Stone

I was recently asked to make a pair of complimentary wedding rings from silver, with a hammered texture.

So far, so right up my street - I love hitting stuff with hammers.  The slightly tricky part was that the bride's ring had to fit around her engagement ring, which had a large, emerald cut stone.  Having done some googling on shaped wedding rings for emerald cut stones, I drew a bit of a blank, as most wedding rings for this rectangular shape of stone are flat bands that fit under the stone, rather than going around it.

Carving the band so the setting fitted perfectly into it was definitely a challenge, but it turned out really well I think.

Emerald cut gemstone shaped wedding ring
Emerald cut engagement ring shaped wedding ring

The rectangular shape and squared off style looks quite art deco, and would look great with a matching shaped diamond eternity ring on the top.

Emerald cut rectangular shaped wedding ring

The groom's ring was much easier!

Silver wedding rings hammered texture

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Look at the New Tools!

I discovered the marvelousness that is the GRS Benchmate system on my diamond setting course and have been coveting one ever since.  Unfortunately they are very much on the expensive side, so didn’t think it was something I’d be able to have any time soon.

But look!

GRS Benchmate tool-2

Thanks to the amazing generosity of a jeweller that I’ve never even met in real life, I now have my beautiful Benchmate. Sometimes people really are just brilliant!

I’ve ordered a bench peg and a couple of extra bits to go with it, then it can be mounted on to my bench ready for me to do all the stone setting I’ve been saving up.


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Silver Khanda Charm

I was asked to make a small silver Khanda pendant recently, and here it is.

Small sterling silver khanda pendant necklace

It was hand cut and carved from sheet silver, before being sanded, finished and polished.

Small silver khanda pendant close up

Other than that, I've been mainly making skate necklaces and faffing about with ideas for tiny silver biscuits.  All will be revealed...