Sunday, 20 January 2013

An Earring for a Disney Fan

I was recently asked to make a single earring for a lovely Disney fan.

As the commission was for a boy, I kept it simple and went with plain silver in the iconic Disney Mickey Mouse head silhouette.

Here it is:

Sterling silver mickey mouse disney earrings

I think it turned out really cute!

Monday, 7 January 2013

New Silver Cloud Jewellery

I’d been working on some new shiny weather last year, but have only just found the time to photograph it.

I liked the idea of taking the double cloud design from my large raincloud necklace and translating to a smaller version.

So, we have some new stud earrings:

Silver and diamond rain cloud stud earrings
   Silver mini cloud rain stud earrings-2 IMG_3412

And a new raindrop version (I may have mentioned previously how much I like dangly earrings…)

Sterling silver rain cloud earrings blue topaz drops
Sterling silver rain cloud earrings blue topaz drops  IMG_3408

And a delicate little rain cloud necklace:

Sterling silver mini rain cloud earrings and necklace-4  Sterling silver rain clouds blue topaz necklace-3

I’ve used sky blue topaz for the raindrops on these, rather than the darker London blue topaz I usually use.

There’s also a little pair of London blue topaz mini cloud drop earrings, which are much less dangly:

Silver tiny raincloud earring
Silver mini rain cloud earrings  IMG_3411-2

I’ll have them up for sale on my website in the next couple of months.

New stuff.  Exciting!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Custom Skate Necklace

I made another custom skate necklace in between Christmas and New Year, with the skater’s number, 333, on it.

Here are the numbers after I’ve cut them out but before the carving on the edges and the engraving has been done:

Silver custom derby skate number

And the finished necklace:

Silver custom roller derby skate number  Silver custom skate necklace roller derby

I’m also working on some new ways to customise my little crash helmet necklaces, but it requires a bit of experimentation!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Hi There 2013

Well 2012 disappeared pretty quickly!  I’m amazed how fast the end of the year especially went by.  One minute it was August, and then suddenly December snuck over the horizon, bedecked with tinsel and blowing little glittery raspberries at me.

Again, I had rather failed to be organised in the run up to Christmas, mainly due to foolishly deciding to entirely rebuild my website from scratch a couple of months previously.  Next year there WILL be organisation.  No, really, there will.

So, 2012 then.  Achievements included the aforementioned new website.  Pretty, isn’t it?

Website capture
I also designed an entire new collection, inspired by baroque architecture, for a wedding:

Baroque tanzanite ear studs Silver amethyst baroque earrings Silver baroque amethyst necklace silver-baroque-necklace-and-earrings 
 Small silver baroque pearl earrings Silver baroque pearl necklaceSilver baroque swirl earrings large Silver large baroque drop earrings 
 baroque-necklace-and-earrings-2 baroque-necklace-and-earrings baroque-wedding-jewellery 2012-08-17days-175 
baroque-wedding-necklace 2012-08-17days-303 shelley-wedding-earrings shelley-wedding-necklace

My roller derby jewellery was excitingly popular this year, and I got to do a few custom skate necklaces.  I love making the little numbers.

 The most exciting thing about 2012 though, was finally managing to reduce my hours at my day job, which completely saved my sanity!  My jewellery is starting to be a full time job in itself, so combining that with working full time hours at a law firm was just no longer sustainable.

So, what awaits me in 2012 then?  I’m pretty excited about this year actually – I have so many ideas that I want to get off the ground.  I have plans for new shiny things to add to my roller derby range for a start.  I’m also going to learn about etching and cold enamelling – watch this space for experiments with alarming chemicals!

Right, back to the workshop now – need to get started on my plans for world domination.

Happy new year!