Sunday, 26 February 2012

Custom Name Necklaces

I love doing name necklaces. As I may have mentioned previously, cutting things from silver sheet with tiny sawblades is one of my favourite things.

I made this one for a lovely London Rollergirl just before she moved away a few months ago now, but hadn't got around to uploading the pictures.

Tricky font to work with that one, all fine lines and squiggly bits, but I like a challenge!

This is a more recent piece, commissioned for another London Rollergirl based on her team, the Suffrajets, logo - which looks like so:

And here's the necklace:

I've done a couple of pieces based on the same logo in the past, which can be seen here, but this was the first one where I got to use my fledgling engraving skills. Am self-teaching, which mainly means I'm taking large chunks out of my fingers with the gravers!

Anyway, some more custom things coming your way soon, but farewell for now.

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Purdey Singleton said...

I love it! Something else to add to my wish list of your jewellery!! x