Thursday, 3 March 2011

P90X - Days 9 and 10

Since beginning P90X, I have gained 2lb. I am sure this is not the purpose of the program, but I have merrily ignored the large book of nutritional plans that came with it. Firstly, because I don't actually want to lose any weight and secondly because the recipes involve strange American things that I'm pretty sure are not stocked in Sainsburys, and weighing bits of food. I'm not a weighing bits of food kind of girl. Life is very much too short for that sort of thing.

I have, however, conceded that I should probably eat more protein and less cake. I have so far purchased a bag of nuts and a tub of protein powder from Holland & Barrett, which has remained unopened and glaring balefully at me from the corner of the kitchen. It has strange things listed in the ingredients and I'm a bit scared of it. I'm working my way up to trying it, really I am...

Day 9

Well, I can say with absolute conviction that doing plyometrics whilst wearing my new and exciting bouncy running shoes is much less painful. Plyo day is still exhausing, yet fun, but my feet and ankles are much less grouchy about the whole experience.

Day 10

Woohoo, I can still walk! The last time I did plyo, my calf muscles were agony for days. Today, they ache slightly, but that's it. Note to self - when the instructions say wear suitable footwear for high impact - pay attention.

It's the arm workout today. I still haven't gotten any heavier weights. Drat.

Tomorrow is Yoga X, which is still so far my favourite.

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Jennie said...

Yay for new running shoes!!