Tuesday, 1 March 2011

P90X - Days 7 and 8

Alrighty then, back to the ongoing struggle that is currently my life. Did that sound a bit drama-queeny? I'm having a bit of a horrid week, you see, so must be forgiven for being a bit emo.

Anyway, I've messed up all the days a bit on P90X, as I had a rest day when I shouldn't have, owing to being unable to actually move, so I think technically day 7 should have been the rest day, but whatever.

Day 7

Today is Kenpo X, which I've been quite looking forward to, as it sounds like fun. It's a martial arts/kickboxy kind of cardio workout. Involving absolutely no use of a pull up bar, yay!

It starts off fairly slowly, with some footwork and basic punching, which is all good. However, as soon as it gets a bit more complicated I am instantly transported back in time to the teenage nightmare that was our step aerobics P.E. class. Doing the foot bit is fine, but as soon as I attempt to put in the different punching sequences I lose control of my feet, and vice versa. Tony is enthusiastically yelling "jab, uppercut, punch", as I flail my arms around ineffectually and try not to fall over. The boy plugs himself into Civilisation and puts his headphones on, as apparently it's too painful to watch.

I'm a bit better at the kicking sequences, as they seem to require less co-ordination from me and by the end of the DVD I am slowly getting the hang of it. Although there is still a large amount of arm flailing. I do work up a sweat, however, so the cardio bit of it has done it's job. I may watch the punching sequences in slow motion, in the hope that something clicks in my fluffy little brain.

Day 8

And.... we're back to the beginning. With the pull up bar and all the push ups. Joy. I manage to do two extra push ups on each round though, which was exciting. Also, I swapped my pull up assisting chair for a high stool, as on the DVD they put their foot on the back of the chair rather than the seat. If I use the back of my chairs though, they fall over and I collapse in a crumpled heap on the floor. Using the higher stool made the pull ups more difficult and I could do less reps for each exercise, but felt like I was in a better position and getting more out of them.

This workout completely battered my arms and shoulders for two days the first time I did it, so intrigued as to whether it will be less painful this time around...

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