Saturday, 15 May 2010

More Moustaches

Remember these fab moustache rings I showed you a few weeks ago?

I liked the tiny little moustaches before they were attached to the rings so much, I thought I'd do a little moustache charm.

Silver sheet + tiny sawblades = happy jeweller!

Here it is:

I really want to make some more rings as well - not sure what style though. I obviously wouldn't want to make some the same as the wedding rings, as they were a custom design. I saw a plastic one on a market stall the other day that looked like this:

Something like that would be super-cute in silver right? But I want to do something a bit more rounded and organic, if that makes any sense!

Kind of like this...

I think I shall make some moustache earrings as well - but for now I'm being distracted by other shiny things - too many ideas all at the same time!

EDIT: I've put a better picture up of my moustache charm now that I've got a decent camera but it's made the formatting of this post go a bit weird!

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