Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Tiny Silver Crash Helmets

They have arrived! Picked them up from the casters earlier this week at a cost of £200. Eek! Although, I had made a vaguely educated guess at £150 from some previous castings I had done about 5 years ago from a different place, so I guess my estimate wasn't far off. I had rather hoped I was over-estimating though. Future casting runs will be cheaper, but I had to pay the initial costs of having four molds made this time.

But they do look cute :) Much better quality casting than the old place I used too, as I got a recommendation from my friend Dave, who is a proper jeweller and knows stuff.

So, without further ado, here is a pile of little crash helmets:

This is how they come back from the caster, with little wires sticking out, called sprues, which are used to pour the molten metal into the mold. Now I just need to saw them off, give the castings a quick sand, solder on the little chin strap to each one and then chuck them in my new barrel polisher, which I have decided to invest in and which arrives on Friday. Yay!

I also played with my new drill briefly this evening. I love it! Drilled a 0.8mm hole through 3.2mm silver sheet in about 3 seconds, wheeeeeeee!

My new blowtorch is sadly yet to arrive though. I really hate companies who guarantee delivery by a certain date, yet entirely fail to actually deliver it on said date. Bah! Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow though...

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