Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Roll Britannia

Well, it's over.

I had a great weekend and got to see a ton of people I've not seen for ages, due to my self-imposed social exile, and also see some great roller derby games.

London Rollergirls emerged victorious after two days of solid roller derby, beating the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames by 346 points to 13. Eek! Glad I got to see the Birmingham v. Edinburgh game too, as it was so close and very exciting. First prize for style, attitude and unicorns definitely belonged to Team East Angrier though :)

And, all the hard work I put into the stall was definitely worth it, yay! Here it is:

Everyone was so lovely and positive about the silver derby helmet and stripey sock charms and I sold things to a couple of complete strangers as well as my friends, which was very exciting. I didn't even come close to covering the costs of doing this, but it didn't matter a tiny bit!

I even had my own lovely hat model. I think it kind of suits him :)

To be honest, even if I hadn't sold a single thing, it really wouldn't have mattered. Having the deadline of Roll Britannia to work to gave me a real kick up the bum to start making stuff again, otherwise I would probably still be in the middle of the circle of eternal procrastination, where I often find myself. But now that I have lots of lovely new (not to mention alarmingly expensive) tools and equipment, I'll definitely be carrying on with the making of stuff. I have my next collection all designed in my head and have even put pencil to paper so am very excited to be starting on the new stuff.

Thanks to everyone who was lovely and supported me and put up with my tired grumpiness :)

This weekend was also ace due to getting to hang out with Amy Nitrate, formerly of the London Rollergirls and textile maker extrodinaire, on Saturday, who has been running her own creative business for ages and gave me loads of tips and advice on one day starting mine.

Oh, and I spent some of my profits on this rather fab Licorice Allsorts bracelet from the lovely ladies at Short and Girly ( http://www.shortandgirly.co.uk/ ) who also had a stall this weekend. I keep wanting to eat it, but am assured that they don't taste nearly as good as they look...
So, onwards and upwards. Tonight I will be mainly remembering what an arse it is to take pictures of tiny, but very reflective, things whilst trying to access the part of my brain that remembers what an f-stop is.

I am doomed.

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