Monday, 30 September 2013

Miley Cyrus M Necklace

I was asked by a customer if I could make her a gold initial M necklace, like the one Miley Cyrus wears.  I confess, dear readers, that I did have to take to Google to find out who Miley Cyrus was.  I am so not up to date with popular culture - I mainly listen to Radio 5 and shouty punk music!  In my defence, this was also a couple of weeks before Miley's somewhat infamous VMA performance...

Anyway, this is her necklace:

And my version:

I cut it from thick silver sheet, carved all the edges into nice curves, then sanded and polished it.  It was then sent off for hallmarking and gold plating.
Apologies for the iPhone photography, I didn't get a chance to photograph the necklace properly after it had been plated.

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