Thursday, 5 July 2012

Took Some Pictures...

Having recently got a rather bargainous second hand Canon 15-85 lens, I thought I'd have a go at actually leaving my house with the camera.  The only thing I know how to take pictures of is jewellery, which just sits there quietly being small and annoyingly reflective.  So, I joined a camera club.  Actually I joined a while ago, this is just the first time I've been brave enough to actually go on a shoot. You have to talk to strangers, it's scary!

Anyway, they were doing a themed shoot called Rock n' Roll bride, I though it sounded fun so I went along. 

It feels a bit strange waving a camera at people, but they're models, they're used to it!  There was a mixed range of abilities there, a fair few of my fellow clueless but also people with those fancy white lenses and flash gun/mini umbrella combos.

Given my lack of knowledge, I don't think my pictures turned out too bad actually! 

Here's some of my favourites: 

It was actually pretty fun - not sure I really learned anything technical, but it was good to just have experience of taking a ton of pictures of stuff.  I might try a studio lighting workshop next time, so I know how to take pictures of my jewellery on models at some point in the future, when I build my new website.  After I've done all the other million things I need to do first! 

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