Saturday, 26 May 2012

Queen of the Flatpack!

We recently decided that the last bits of our student furniture should probably be replaced.  Kind of sad, but also, shiny new furniture yay!  I love looking at furniture.  Especially the Dwell catalogue - I could buy EVERYTHING from there!
In the end, we went for a rather lovely computer desk that we'd been eyeing up for ages online.  Here it is:

Given that it was quite expensive, I was slightly put out when it arrived in a flat box and we had to put it together.  I sulked.  The boy mainly put it together by himself in a unprecedented display of practicality. 

Next, old studenty bookshelf had to go.  It was quite tall and got in the way of everything.  So, I replaced it with this:

Which looks terribly grown up (except for my awesome pineapple lamp sitting on it, obvs).  Redeemed my previous flatpack failings by building it ALL BY MYSELF whilst the boy had abandoned me for a weekend of poker.  He didn't even win me shoes.  Outrageous!

Anyway, I pottered about with a glass of wine and the TV on and it took me all of Friday evening to build, but it turned out really well I think.  And I had no screws left over!  Managed to redistribute all of the books, tetris style, and everything looks much tidier now.

I also built a little Ikea desk to bolt my polising motor to:

I think that's all the furniture we'll need for a good long while, although I'm currntly trying to persuade the boy into a giant swivel armchair.  Watch this space...

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