Sunday, 27 February 2011

P90X - Days Four, Five and Six

Having failed entirely at Day 3, am now a day behind. Ooops. Not a terribly good start really...

Anyway, on with the review!

Day 4

Day 4 is entitled Shoulders and Arms, leading me to dread the reappearance of the evil pull up bar. But no! This workout only uses dumbbells and a chair, hurrah! I mainly find this one pretty easy. Which obvs means my 3kg dumbbells are way too light and am therefore cheating. Tony says you should be about to do between 8 and 15 reps, and the last two should be really hard, but I can get up to 20 reps on most of the exercises with no problems. Must get heavier ones...

Sadly, another round of Ab-Ripper X follows this. Boooooo. I still can't balance on my bum without falling over.

Day 5

Today, my calf muscles STILL hurt from the plyometrics. which was days ago now. Suspect doing it barefoot rather than wearing some kind of impact absorbing footwear was not a good idea. Unexpectedly, my arms also ache a bit from yesterday's workout, so I guess even my little dumbbells had some effect.

So, today is Yoga X, which I'm super-excited about. I really like yoga. And, the boy has agreed to do this DVD with me. Have bought him a yoga mat and everything, as I'm nice like that.

Yoga X is 90 minutes long, with the first 45 minutes being very intensive and exhausting and the second 45 minutes all about balance and calm. Am gratified to discover that my body seems to remember some of the 8 months of power yoga classes I took about 6 years ago. I'm very much liking Yoga X.

Sadly, the boy likes Yoga X a lot less than me. He had neglected to mention beforehand that not only has he never done yoga in his life, he's never even done stretching exercises pre and post workout, and this DVD is most definitely not Yoga 101. Anyway, about 20 minutes in the boy gives up and wanders off, muttering disparaging things about Tony. He then proceeds to sulkily clatter pots and pans around the kitchen during the peaceful/calming bit of the workout.

So far, Yoga X is absolutely my favourite of the P90X workouts. My calf muscles feel much, much better and I can do stairs again, yay!

Day 6

It's Legs and Back today. This involves the pull up bar. Arse. Have learned that I could not do a pull up without putting one foot on a chair if my life actually depended on it.

This one involves lots of lunges, squats and pull ups. There is a particularly horrid thing called a wall squat, which hurts rather a lot.

Not really much else to say about this one. It's pretty tiring, but I neither love it nor hate it particularly. It is, however, followed by another round of the Ab Ripper X, which I do hate. I can't do a full sit up and I still keep toppling over. I may spent a few minutes at the end of each workout simply trying to balance on my bum with my arms and legs out.

So, that's all for now. All of my muscles are aching, but in a good way rather than the pain of the first couple of days, and I'm feeling generally more energised.

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