Saturday, 23 October 2010

Oh Dear...

I have been accidentally buying expensive things again. Having finally just about saved enough money to purchase the shiny new camera I've been coveting for the past year, Canon have only gone and brought out a new model. Drat. Which, of course, I decided that I must have.

I maintain that I cannot be held entirely to blame for this slightly rash and impulsive purchase. The Jessops website tricked me by claiming I could pay for it on 6 month interest free credit. "Hurrah!" I thought, until it asked me if I would like to collect the camera in store, I told it that, yes, that would be lovely thanks, then it concluded my order and smugly informed me that the balance would be payable in full on collection of the camera. Bum! I guess the interest free credit option and the collect in store option were not compatible.

Consequently, I now own a rather expensive but quite lovely Canon SX30.

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