Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Bathroom Trauma

My house is currently filled with devastation and Ukrainians.

We are having the bathroom entirely stripped out and remodelled before the new tenant arrives to replace me, as I am moving out on Sunday. Yep, that's right, ON SUNDAY!!!!!

The builders arrived on Thursday and removed my entire bathroom, leaving a rather damp and horrible empty shell. New things have gradually been delivered, resulting in the living room now containing two sofas, a bath, shower screen, taps, a sink and, the piece de resistance, a toilet sitting at the end of the sofa! My workshop is filled with old stuff that used to be in the bathroom and all the corridors are piled high with toolboxes, alarming looking power tools and containers of random gloop.

Whilst I'm sure my design will look fab when it's finished, the whole thing is a bit traumatic at the moment. Boohoo.

1 comment:

Ellie said...

Eep! I'm sure it will turn out good tho! x