Thursday, 11 June 2009

OMG, Faith No More!

An old friend from college, Kerry, offered me her spare ticket for the entirely sold out Faith No More gig at Brixton last night. Not only was it lovely to see Kerry again, the gig was completely amazing!

Having not had the chance to see them live the first time round, due to growing up on a, whilst admittedly beautiful, very difficult to escape small island, I had no idea how awesome they would be. For a band that hasn't played a show together in 12 years, they were incredibly tight and Mike Patton's vocals were outstanding (and he was still beautiful. Sigh...). Sometimes when you see a band live, there's a certain amount of disappointment when they're not quite as musically talented as the cds would have you believe, but that was totally not the case here.

They didn't play Ashes to Ashes, but most of my other favourites were in there and I can definitely say it's up there with my favourite gigs of all time :)

P.S. My ears hurt. Am I getting old, or is Brixton's sound system getting louder...?

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Viva said...

I am soooo jealous! xxx